“Late in the 1980’s responsible businesses came up with the plans to save the world. This period led to a new brand of socially and environmentally benevolent companies that emerged on the corporate landscape. They came out not only to make money but also to fundamentally change the way things worked doing it.

Driven by equal parts societal need and personal desire, and an ethos carried on patchouli smoke from the late 1960s, these companies were founded by entrepreneurs who confronted the regressive bent of the Reagan era with a determination to create a different operating model for the business community. This new paradigm would reconcile the historic conflict between corporate profits and cultural progress by selling products and services whose creation took every possible to safeguard the environment and respect the rights and dignity of those responsible for bringing them to the market.”      

                             -Jeffry Hollender, Co-Founder, Seventh Generation (Age of Responsibility by Wayne Visser)

The SERAS- CSR Awards reaches the eleventh cycle. We set out to be the galvanizing force on the African continent to help organisations make the shift from just producing goods and services to meet the market needs to understanding why the way the offer their unique selling propositions shouldn’t jeopardize ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.

In this process over the last eleven years, we have created CSR and sustainability champions who today have become and still playing the roles of economic sector leaders leading the charge towards attaining a sustainable future for all.

The awards has earned its positioning as the biggest, most consistent, most credible awards of its kind on the African continent.

The SERAS – CSR Awards is an annual project which aims to promote as well as raise awareness about the roles organizations play with emphasis on their responsibility towards   stakeholders and the social development of Africa. The SERAs, aims to substantiate the case that corporations who are socially responsible stand to gain huge benefits in regards to the triple bottom line – economic, social and environmental capital.

At The SERAS- CSR Awards, we recognize the fact that the future for any business lies in the ability to successfully bridge the divide between private enterprise and public interest.

The SERAs involves the production of The Social Enterprise Report that documents the sustainability interventions of corporate organizations (large, medium and small), as well as an annual award ceremony that enjoys a very high profile attendance and attracts ALL the players in CSR and sustainability, and thus providing an effective, unique and strategic platform for corporate organizations to demonstrate to their stakeholders how they are positively impacting and engaging with the communities where they do business.


The SERAs – CSR Awards has been designed to provide a popular and respected platform for companies Nigeria and Africa to showcase beneficial stakeholder engagement, which attracts social capital to the said companies.