The SERAS 2013

Theme: Shaping The Future Through Innovative Value Creation, Making A World Of Difference.

The state of the world as we find it today, calls for innovative and unusual solutions to social, environmental, governance as well as economic challenges. The challenge that Nigeria presents to business is one that requires thinking out of the box, as businesses continue to compete in what seems an increasingly more charged, complex, dynamic and challenging landscape. Looming in the landscape as we approach 2015 is the question of our score card as regards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): How are businesses contributing to achievement of these goals?

The 2013 Nigeria CSR Awards (The SERAs) will continue where we stopped last year; identifying and showcasing how business is creating shared value in a manner that benefits the business enterprise as well as its various stakeholders. This year, we are increasing the stakes promoting innovative thinking and strategies that explore the less trodden paths, businesses that are creating value while differentiating their brands because they are bold, deliberate and not afraid to stand apart in a bid to rewrite history; in an endeavour to create shared value.

In this edition we are going to tell soul-stirring stories of brands that have begun and will continue in the near future to impact positively the environmental, social and governance structures in the places where they do business.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/sustainability is an approach to sustainability whereby companies embed economic, social and environmental concerns into their corporate culture. This approach also takes into consideration how organizations engage with their external and internal stakeholders within the business and value chain and transparently demonstrates how businesses in Nigeria are mitigating the impact of their activities on the community and our common environment.
In the context of the increasing demand on organizations to conduct business ethically with minimal harm to the environment and people, the onus is therefore on enterprise managers to commit to sustainable business practices which transparently benefit stakeholders.

The SERAs – Nigeria CSR Awards has been designed to provide a popular and respected platform for Nigerian companies to showcase beneficial stakeholder engagement which attracts social capital to the said companies.